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It’s essential to maintain your car well if you want it running on the road. While there is a lot said and done about car maintenance, it’s not really a daunting task if you keep updating and maintaining the vehicle periodically.

Your vehicle is constantly in motion, whether it’s a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive. When it’s a front wheel drive, the CV joints drive your wheels and in rear wheel drive, vehicles tend to use a driveshaft with U joints for propulsion. However, these parts will fail if they run dry – which means they require good lubrication for a longer life of the vehicle.

Lubricants in UAE are easily available and you must make it point to lubricate your car every 6 months. Lubricant manufacturers in Dubai inform that any suspension squeaks or creaks are an indication that your car needs to be lubricated. The engine would not last a minute if this is missing. In fact, if you opt for the wrong lubricants, the car’s performance would be significantly affected. Look out for the best lubricant companies in UAE and keep your automobile in a good condition.

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Transformer Oils 

Transformer Oils - Texol Transformer Oils are manufactured from carefully selected New Generation Right Base Oil with emphasis on product purity at every stage of refining.
They have excellent cooling efficiency, longer life, better insulation properties, reduced corrosive sulphur and aromatic contents, withstand extreme climatic conditions and are tested in independent laboratories of CPRI/ERDA/LABROELEC.
Manufactured to meet the following specifications:
BS 148 – Class I & II
IEC 296 – Class I & II
IEC 60296
ASTM D3487 Type I & II
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